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America’s Got Talent is about doing incredible things, and incredible things often come with risk. Aaron Crow takes one of the craziest gambles in AGT history when he decided that he will shoot an apple on someone’s head.

That someone happens to super model and AGT judge Heidi Klum.

As usual, Aaron doesn’t talk. Ken Jeong, who was a guest judge during that episode, was confused about what Aaron was all about. But not for much longer.

Aaron pulled out a lazer pointer and aimed at the audience. He pointed at Ken and Heidi in particular, as he chose them to be the volunteers for his stunt.

Nothing could prepare them for what was about to happen next.

He asked for Heidi’s expensive diamond ring. Then, he took out an apple, cut out the middle section and placed the ring inside. He asked Ken to hold up a tray with a metal rod in the middle as she sat Heidi on a chair.

He placed the tray on Heidi’s leg and skewered the apple on the metal rod. He moved away from the two judges and unveiled a target in the back.

Aaron went back to the two judges and placed the apple tray on Heidi’s head and asked Ken to hold it in place.

‘’No,’’ Heidi exclaimed with fear written all over her face.

He went to the edge of the stage, now with a bow and arrow in hand. He drew the weapon and spun around to build up suspense before eventually shooting the apple on Heidi’s head.

He nailed half of the apple on her head as the arrow makes it to the middle of the target. And the best part? The arrow nailed the ring as well and it ended up on the target board.

A combination excitement and relief filled the arena when they realized what Aaron had just done. Of course he will move on to the next round!

Illusionist Rob Lake does it again! He impressed the crowd during audition and even topped his act this time. After all, his magic is everything to him at the moment.

Rob, an Oklahoma native, gave up on college to pursue magic full time. He was enrolled at University of Oklahomabut dropped out after two years to do magic full time. Getting on AGT is an opportunity of a lifetime and he seized it.

Olivia was quick to point out that she is also from Oklahoma. She went to the same university as well but kinda took a soft jab at Rob because she graduated. She recovers from her unintentional snide by saying that whatever happened along the way, they still ended up on the same show.

Despite some comic relief, no one can deny the tension in the air. It was yet another round and more contenders will go home after the episode. Nobody wants to end their journey yet so everyone is trying so hard to put on a show.

Rob started his act by putting on gloves. There is an elevated platform across the stage with curtains that covers the platform. The curtain was open to show that no one was on it. He dropped the curtain and opened it again. Suddenly, his assistant appeared inside.

Magicians always strive to be the best. Some of them are pretty amazing but a lot of them are pretty average. Why try so hard to practice and come up with new tricks when you can receive just as much love by completely sucking at it?

Lioz Shem Tov walked into the stage and introduced himself as a magician. But something was off. Apart from his looks, he doesn’t really have the flair or smoothness for magic. There were signs, particularly his opening speech where he claimed that he will do something that has never been done before –which is magic!

But everyone has seen a magic or two.

To begin his act, he grabbed an inflated rubber glove and told everyone he will transform it into Pikachu from Pokemon. All he did was squeeze the glove but the audience was finally catching on what he was actually about. In fairness to him, it did look somewhat like Pikachu.

Next, he transformed the rubber glove into a sea turtle which was, again, sloppily done. Then, he transformed it into a baby. And finally, Donald Trump but the rubber glove still took the form of a baby, implying that Trump is a baby.

He threw the rubber glove aside and grabbed a deck of over sized cards. He asked Mel to pick a card and show it to the audience. He told Mel to shove it back it to the deck, but then he replaced the over sized deck with a regular deck so the card the judge was trying to put back in stands out worse than a sore thumb. 

Magicians David and Leeman wows at America’s Got Talent with their knack for practice pressure phrenology pseudoscience which took away Howie’s ability to think.

Sounds unreal? Well it is but it actually happened.

David and Leeman started doing magic when they were kids. Leeman was into Magic Kids at the California State Fair while David puts on awful magic shows on their front lawn.

‘’It was the worst thing ever. Absolutely terrible,’’ David said in the interview.

When the duo introduced themselves to the judges, they were wearing each other’s name tags. Then placed their hand over their name tags and switched it to their own names. The judges did not have a hard time guessing that they were magicians.

They asked a volunteer among the judges for their act. They eventually went for Howie Mandel who happily graced their request. He sat on a chair, during which the duo explained out practice pressure phrenology pseudoscience works.

Basically, it means they are performing magic. They explained that by putting light pressure on Howie’s skull, they can take away his ability to do certain things.

Leeman put on gloves and put pressure on Howie head and said the judge will lose his ability to play the piano. He never learned how to play the piano, in the first place.

Next, Leeman moved his hand to a different spot and said Howie will lose his ability to do standing backflips. He never learned how to do standing backflips.

Just when it starts to sound more like a comedy act than a magic act, Leeman moved his hand to a different spot and claimed Howie will lose his ability to read.

A self-proclaimed ghetto version of Houdini, Smootheni appeared on America’s Got Talent and certainly did the deceased magician proud. He is a bar magician who is taking his trick to an even bigger audience.

‘’Smootheni? Like Houdini?’’ Howie asked.

‘’Yeah, but ghetto,’’ Smootheni answered.

Right now, he does magic full time but he used to be in the marines. Howie thanked him for his service.

Apparently, the defining factor between bar magicians and regular magicians is that the former doesn’t use props because they can’t afford it.

Smootheni approached the judges and pulled out a salt shaker and a deck of cards from his pocket. ‘’That’s all I have,’’ he claimed.

He picked up the deck of cards and explained that a magic done up close had to be pulled off exquisitely. He puts down the deck of cards, coughed and then magically barfed up an array of cards! The judges were shocked.

Next, he removed his hat and turned it upside down. He held his hand up and cards appeared out of nowhere. He dropped the catr to the hat each time and then another one would appear.

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