Illusionist Rob Lake does it again! He impressed the crowd during audition and even topped his act this time. After all, his magic is everything to him at the moment.

Rob, an Oklahoma native, gave up on college to pursue magic full time. He was enrolled at University of Oklahomabut dropped out after two years to do magic full time. Getting on AGT is an opportunity of a lifetime and he seized it.

Olivia was quick to point out that she is also from Oklahoma. She went to the same university as well but kinda took a soft jab at Rob because she graduated. She recovers from her unintentional snide by saying that whatever happened along the way, they still ended up on the same show.

Despite some comic relief, no one can deny the tension in the air. It was yet another round and more contenders will go home after the episode. Nobody wants to end their journey yet so everyone is trying so hard to put on a show.

Rob started his act by putting on gloves. There is an elevated platform across the stage with curtains that covers the platform. The curtain was open to show that no one was on it. He dropped the curtain and opened it again. Suddenly, his assistant appeared inside.

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