America’s Got Talent is about doing incredible things, and incredible things often come with risk. Aaron Crow takes one of the craziest gambles in AGT history when he decided that he will shoot an apple on someone’s head.

That someone happens to super model and AGT judge Heidi Klum.

As usual, Aaron doesn’t talk. Ken Jeong, who was a guest judge during that episode, was confused about what Aaron was all about. But not for much longer.

Aaron pulled out a lazer pointer and aimed at the audience. He pointed at Ken and Heidi in particular, as he chose them to be the volunteers for his stunt.

Nothing could prepare them for what was about to happen next.

He asked for Heidi’s expensive diamond ring. Then, he took out an apple, cut out the middle section and placed the ring inside. He asked Ken to hold up a tray with a metal rod in the middle as she sat Heidi on a chair.

He placed the tray on Heidi’s leg and skewered the apple on the metal rod. He moved away from the two judges and unveiled a target in the back.

Aaron went back to the two judges and placed the apple tray on Heidi’s head and asked Ken to hold it in place.

‘’No,’’ Heidi exclaimed with fear written all over her face.

He went to the edge of the stage, now with a bow and arrow in hand. He drew the weapon and spun around to build up suspense before eventually shooting the apple on Heidi’s head.

He nailed half of the apple on her head as the arrow makes it to the middle of the target. And the best part? The arrow nailed the ring as well and it ended up on the target board.

A combination excitement and relief filled the arena when they realized what Aaron had just done. Of course he will move on to the next round!