A self-proclaimed ghetto version of Houdini, Smootheni appeared on America’s Got Talent and certainly did the deceased magician proud. He is a bar magician who is taking his trick to an even bigger audience.

‘’Smootheni? Like Houdini?’’ Howie asked.

‘’Yeah, but ghetto,’’ Smootheni answered.

Right now, he does magic full time but he used to be in the marines. Howie thanked him for his service.

Apparently, the defining factor between bar magicians and regular magicians is that the former doesn’t use props because they can’t afford it.

Smootheni approached the judges and pulled out a salt shaker and a deck of cards from his pocket. ‘’That’s all I have,’’ he claimed.

He picked up the deck of cards and explained that a magic done up close had to be pulled off exquisitely. He puts down the deck of cards, coughed and then magically barfed up an array of cards! The judges were shocked.

Next, he removed his hat and turned it upside down. He held his hand up and cards appeared out of nowhere. He dropped the catr to the hat each time and then another one would appear.

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