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There is no doubt that there are people in this world talented beyond measure. People who can accomplish things that others have never even dared to imagine. It is that drive to make an audience feel a particular emotion that sets one talent apart from another.

With all the technology we have at our fingertips, the last decade has rolled out some of the most breathtaking performances. Many of these never would have come into being if it weren’t for the digital age. Now with the ability to blend all of the arts into one stunning performance, new artists are able to arise and move us with their unmatched and epic vision of the world.

Below is a list of 10 of Got Talent’s most moving multi-media performances.

Just like the judges, each of these videos will have you moved either to tears or to your feet in amazement. So grab those tissues and let’s get started.

10. Sila Sveta- What better way to introduce the multimedia arts than with this duo whose name means “Power of Light”. Watch as they defy gravity and leave judges boggled.

9. Tony & Jordan- This delightful duo blends magic with audio/visual projections and sleight of hand to stun the audience. Watch as these two twins dazzle the judges with their act of multiplicity.

Impressed yet? Good! It just keeps getting better.

Read On to see how these mixed-art performances transport you to an alternate world.

One of the best things about watching the shows that Simon Cowell judges is when you get to see his jaw drop or when he’s left speechless. These girls and their stunning performance did both!

Russian acrobat group, Angara Contortion, decided to audition for Britain’s Got Talent and we are so glad they did because their performance was absolutely incredible. Enough to leave Simon Cowell fumbling for words.

The four girls all walked out onto the stage wearing skintight bodysuits that were an aqua-blue matching the color of tropical waters. When their performance began — everyone in the room couldn’t help but watch in complete amazement.

The four contortionists move and bend their bodies in ways that 99% of the human population could never ever do. Imagine having your spine practically bent in half so your feet are next to your head. Yeah, they can do that.

It’s a performance that you’re not going to want to miss. They told the judges they had traveled a long distance to get there and it certainly paid off!

Read on to watch the mind-bending…or…body-bending performance that left Simon stunned.

We love showing off our favorite performances from “America’s Got Talent” — people are constantly surprising us with the level of skill that they possess. And these two kids you’re about to see? They’re some of the best.

The two kids we’re talking about are named Artyon and Paige — they are both dancers. When they took the stage at America’s Got Talent, they announced to the judges that they would be performing a routine to the popular song ‘Footloose.’

The performance starts and Paige begins dancing on the judges’ table while Artyon is sliding on the floor with backup dancers in tow. He hops up without effort, and the performance gets better from there.

Artyon even jumps up and lands in the splits, something no one expected from the 10-year-old boy. As they continue to dance together, it’s obvious that these two kids have chemistry. They are performing flawlessly.

Then comes the well-known part of the song where he shouts “got to cut loose!” they are performing their routine flawlessly. Even Simon is starting nod and bounce his head with a smile while watching these two.

Read On to watch their adorable and awesome performance!

When you think of dancing, what comes to mind? Ballet, hip-hop, or ballroom? Tango, tap, or jazz? There are so many beautiful styles of dance out there.

But a group of four girls perform a style of dance that many are not familiar with, and it’s mind-blowing!

People often think of Riverdance when they think of Irish dancing, however, there are many other types and genres. Lots of Irish dancing, does involve a very quick and precise movement of the feet.

Four girls take the floor and begin in a perfectly straight line. Then, they fan out by moving their little feet as fast as can be. It’s hard to imagine how they are moving so quickly. It looks like they’re basically floating on air!

The girls are dressed in traditional Irish costumes and have clearly been dancing for quite some time now. Their movies are absolutely stunning and it’s hard to fathom how precise and in sync they all are.

The passing of Patrick Swayze back in 2009 broke the hearts of people all across the world. His performances in movies like ‘Ghost’ and ‘Roadhouse’ are some of his greatest. But it’s his performance in ‘Dirty Dancing’ that really caught the attention of all of his future fans.

After the movie premiered, it was obvious that Patrick Swayze wasn’t just an incredible actor — his dancing skills were phenomenal. This was something that many people didn’t know about him at the time.

Swayze was actually the son of a choreographer and was classically trained in ballet while he was in high school. It’s no wonder he performed all the routines so flawlessly in that famous and well-known film.

However, it was 21 long years ago that Swayze performed an incredible dance routine on a television show that absolutely took everyone’s breath away. And now? The recording of that performance has gone viral.

Since Swayze has passed, this breathtaking performance has been viewed over 24 million times.

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