Can you believe that this big boy was the runt of the litter?   Standing at 7′ 4″ tall, Freddy, a Great Dane, is well on his way to becoming […]

I thought I couldn’t love dogs more but this video just made my day. Despite several rejections from a kid with Down Syndrome, this yellow Lab still insists to be […]

There is a wonderful dog rescue group called Dogs Deserve Better. They are a nonprofit organization dedicated to freeing dogs who are chained and giving them a real loving home. […]

It might be a scene from The Fox and the Hound, a Disney classic. But after Rosie the fox cub was left abandoned when her father destroyed most of her […]

It doesn’t take long to realize that 15 year old Tristan McIntosh is going to be a talented singer, and for only being 15 years old you can see that […]

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