Do you believe in the magic? If not, this might just convince you that it is real. Or at least be awestruck by how awesome and sly this magician is! […]

Brian King Joseph, also known as ‘’The King of Violin’’ graced the stage of America’s Got Talent and riled up the theater with his performance. But violinist from Los Angeles, […]

Vivien Vajda is a Hungarian athlete who came to the United States for a scholarship, and what better way to expand her horizons than to also give America’s Got Talent […]

A mixture of horror and awe filled the theater of America’s Got Talent as Sacred Riana did her set. The frightening magician hails from Indonesia and her act was straight […]

An illusionist shocks everyone t when he re-appeared on stage after walking out of the arena on this episode of America’s Got Talent. Logic would suggest that there’s no way […]

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