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On talent shows like The X-Factor, you see and hear hundreds if not thousands of talented people. It’s pretty hard to stand out in a crowd like that, but if you do you know it’s because you’ve got something extra special. This singer definitely has that, with a voice so emotional it left Simon in tears at his audition.

This soulful singer’s name is Josh Daniels, and he took the world by storm when he decided to sing his rendition of Labrinth’s song Jealous. The song alone is emotional, but Daniels’ cover will have you choking back tears of your own.

Can you imagine just going on a show that heirs to millions of people to put your heart, and your talent, out there? The thought alone would give most people a small heart attack! If you think that’s bad, try being last to audition, after droves of other talented people.

Talk about bravery. Daniel’s put himself out there in more ways than just singing. The song he chose has intense meaning for him. He explained to the judges that he’d had a best friend that he was inseparable from. Though he doesn’t tell how it happened, everyone felt the weight of his words when he said he lost him.

Daniels chose to sing the song as a tribute to his friend, but nobody was expecting to hear what came next! Continue to the next page to see why Simon had to hold interviews just to explain his reaction!

Few things are more enticing in this world than the idea of following your dreams. Unfortunately, there are also few things scarier than this, and for a singer, going A-Capella is the most frightening thing you can do. Bent on pursuing her dream career, that is exactly what this single mom did!

In her audition for The X-Factor, Denise Weeks decides to take the leap she’s been avoiding for decades! She opens the audition with the Whitney Houston cover of George Benson’s The Greatest Love of All, doing a fair job. Until Simon throws a hand up after a few seconds, and she’s left fighting back tears.

Rather than just telling her to hit the road, Simon took notice of her potential, and asked her to sing A-Capella so her emotion could come through. Boy, did he really pop a lid there! Denise immediately gathered herself together to give the power ballad another shot.

Little did Simon know, he unleashed a vocal beast in the 41 year old singer. Drawing on inspiration from her life of hard work and precious memories, Denise reaches into her own depths and pulls off a performance that would have had Whitney herself in tears!

It’s rare that someone so humble can throw their head back and let the world hear the yearning in their soul. It’ll send chills down your spine when you hear her meet Simon’s demand with strength and grace! Continue to the next page to catch this epic moment!

Cover bands are the best! Everyone has a song that they love so much, they want to hear as many versions of it as possible, as long as it’s performed flawlessly, of course! One thing you never see though, is a cover band trying to nail an international hit using kid’s toys.

What makes a cover band truly amazing, is when they can introduce a new spin to a beloved jam without ruining it entirely. It takes more talent than you’d think, and this cover band has insane amounts of it!

Walk Off The Earth is a four piece ensemble that hails from Burlington, Ontario in Canada. Formed in 2006, they first received widespread recognition in 2012 when their cover of  Gotye’s Somebody That I Used To Know, went viral with over 175 million hits in just 4 months. It gets even better though!

The band found their niche in cover songs.  Many of their videos have exploded on YouTube, going viral with over several million views each, at least.  What makes them so unique, and popular, is the instruments they use to recreate their covered classics.

Using nothing more than some silverware, seashells, and children’s toys, this crazy quartet recreates a studio quality cover of Ed Sheeran’s Shape of You. You won’t believe what you’re seeing! Continue to the next page and be amazed!

Talent is everywhere, you can’t escape it. In fact, sometimes we’re so inundated with new talent that many extraordinary people go their entire lives without ever being noticed for it. When this soulful subway singer played her version of this epic song though, everyone noticed.

Many talented musicians seek out subway tunnels to get lost in the sound of their music. The acoustics are unbeatable in a public setting. It also happens to make a great shelter if you’re homeless, and provides a free audience!

It’s no great surprise then that this is where a lot of raw talent is found. Ashley Stevenson, aka Slim Freedom, is one such person who can be found in Chicago, playing for passersby. She’ll leave you awestruck as she belts out her blues on the blue line!

The subway singer sits on a camp chair in a crowded stop, with only her guitar and a small bin for tips. At first no one pays her much attention and carry on about their day. Then she starts singing Landslide by Fleetwood Mac and you won’t believe what happens.

The song is Fleetwood’s biggest hit and has been covered by countless artists. Each version reaches to its own depth…but no one’s sang it like this before! Continue to the next page to be blown away by her stunning rendition, and don’t forget to like us!

There’s something magical about a duet! One talented person alone is entertaining, but when paired with an equally talented partner, they become sensational! This is what the darling 11-yr-old duo, Jadyn Rylee, and Brayden Ryle, are experiencing first hand!

Talk about star-crossed; these two are so in tune with each other, their names are almost identical! Not to mention their sheer talent. Though their fame as a duet is newfound, both of these youngsters know what it’s like to go viral.

The dynamic duo have both released solo videos that have gone viral, with over several million views. Usually, a person is considered incredibly lucky to have a video go viral. Well, Jayden & Brayden have both had their solo releases go viral multiple times!

Considering these guys are YouTube hall-of-famers, it’s no great surprise that their video went viral. What’s amazing is that this song is an original piece written by the two 11-yr-old singers. So brimming with intellect and deep-rooted emotion, it’s downright uncanny coming from a couple of kids.

Their talent is beyond words! You really just have to hear for yourself. Continue to the next page to hear their unbelievably beautiful song, and tell us what you think in the comments below. 

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