Magicians always strive to be the best. Some of them are pretty amazing but a lot of them are pretty average. Why try so hard to practice and come up with new tricks when you can receive just as much love by completely sucking at it?

Lioz Shem Tov walked into the stage and introduced himself as a magician. But something was off. Apart from his looks, he doesn’t really have the flair or smoothness for magic. There were signs, particularly his opening speech where he claimed that he will do something that has never been done before –which is magic!

But everyone has seen a magic or two.

To begin his act, he grabbed an inflated rubber glove and told everyone he will transform it into Pikachu from Pokemon. All he did was squeeze the glove but the audience was finally catching on what he was actually about. In fairness to him, it did look somewhat like Pikachu.

Next, he transformed the rubber glove into a sea turtle which was, again, sloppily done. Then, he transformed it into a baby. And finally, Donald Trump but the rubber glove still took the form of a baby, implying that Trump is a baby.

He threw the rubber glove aside and grabbed a deck of over sized cards. He asked Mel to pick a card and show it to the audience. He told Mel to shove it back it to the deck, but then he replaced the over sized deck with a regular deck so the card the judge was trying to put back in stands out worse than a sore thumb. 

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