Magicians David and Leeman wows at America’s Got Talent with their knack for practice pressure phrenology pseudoscience which took away Howie’s ability to think.

Sounds unreal? Well it is but it actually happened.

David and Leeman started doing magic when they were kids. Leeman was into Magic Kids at the California State Fair while David puts on awful magic shows on their front lawn.

‘’It was the worst thing ever. Absolutely terrible,’’ David said in the interview.

When the duo introduced themselves to the judges, they were wearing each other’s name tags. Then placed their hand over their name tags and switched it to their own names. The judges did not have a hard time guessing that they were magicians.

They asked a volunteer among the judges for their act. They eventually went for Howie Mandel who happily graced their request. He sat on a chair, during which the duo explained out practice pressure phrenology pseudoscience works.

Basically, it means they are performing magic. They explained that by putting light pressure on Howie’s skull, they can take away his ability to do certain things.

Leeman put on gloves and put pressure on Howie head and said the judge will lose his ability to play the piano. He never learned how to play the piano, in the first place.

Next, Leeman moved his hand to a different spot and said Howie will lose his ability to do standing backflips. He never learned how to do standing backflips.

Just when it starts to sound more like a comedy act than a magic act, Leeman moved his hand to a different spot and claimed Howie will lose his ability to read.

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