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Shows like America’s Got Talent, The Voice, and So You Think You Can Dance are getting more and more popular. It’s a great outlet for people to show off their incredible talents to the entire world.

Most of the time you’d expect to see singers, dancers, or even magicians on the show America’s Got Talent — ventriloquists are rare, and it’s a hard performance to pull off. It’s extremely difficult to be a talented and entertaining.

A man named Paul Zerdin was auditioning for the show, and ventriloquism was going to be his talent. He walks onto the stage and his face is shining with confidence.

The judges await his performance, wondering which direction his act was going to go. Little did they know, they were in for an amazing and hilarious treat. Nobody was expecting this at all.

So…are you bombed out that you will have to wait until the summer before you can watch new episodes of America’s Got Talent? Well, we have some great news for you then!

Because Now, you’ll get to enjoy America’s Got Talent in the winter months too, thanks to a new spinoff called America’s Got Talent: The Champions, that will be premiering very soon!

This is awesome news for AGT fans who simply can’t get enough of all the amazing performances!

bringing together the show’s 50 “most talented, memorable and all-around fan favorite acts” from past seasons and around the globe (194 countries!) — including other AGT franchises. These former finalists and winners will compete on the same stage for the title of ultimate champion, and TV Insider has your exclusive first look at some of them!

The judges will be: Simon Cowell, Mel B, Heidi Klum and Howie Mandel. And the host will be the popular and always fun Terry Crews.

As you probably know, some of the new acts have already been shown online, but we’re now revealing five more of them!

Check them out below to see who will amaze us this time!


Preacher Lawson

Talent: Comedian

Franchise: AGT 2017 finalist

Cristina Ramos

Talent: Opera rock singer
FranchiseSpain’s Got Talent 2016 winner

Courtney Hadwin

Talent: 14-year-old rock singer
FranchiseAGT 2018 finalist


Sal Valentinetti

Talent: Singer
FranchiseAGT 2016 finalist

Alex Magala

Talent: Sword swallowing act
FranchiseSpain’s Got Talent 2016 winner



Source: TV Insider

One of the best things about watching the shows that Simon Cowell judges is when you get to see his jaw drop or when he’s left speechless. These girls and their stunning performance did both!

Russian acrobat group, Angara Contortion, decided to audition for Britain’s Got Talent and we are so glad they did because their performance was absolutely incredible. Enough to leave Simon Cowell fumbling for words.

The four girls all walked out onto the stage wearing skintight bodysuits that were an aqua-blue matching the color of tropical waters. When their performance began — everyone in the room couldn’t help but watch in complete amazement.

The four contortionists move and bend their bodies in ways that 99% of the human population could never ever do. Imagine having your spine practically bent in half so your feet are next to your head. Yeah, they can do that.

It’s a performance that you’re not going to want to miss. They told the judges they had traveled a long distance to get there and it certainly paid off!

Read on to watch the mind-bending…or…body-bending performance that left Simon stunned.

Couple In Their 70s Dances Hip Hop

When you think of your grandparents, you think of a low key, elderly couple who has a habit or two. Perhaps they love to knit or read books or tend the garden.

But very few people would probably think of their grandparents as the type who would break moves to a hip hop music. They live the peak of their lives during a different time and hip hop is so not their scene.

That is why Filiberto, 70, and Celina, 68, are so special. They are only old by age and physique but their heart is as young as a teenager. They broke the stage of America’s Got Talent by their sweetness and commitment to each other, and their guts to dance to hip hop.

Filibert and Celina sought the aid of their daughter to translate.  She could not be more proud of her parents for making their dream come true. Apparently, it had been a dream for this couple to perform on AGT stage.

Before they performed, Filiberto shed tears of joy and shared a kiss which truly moved the judges and kinda threw them off of what the elderly couple were about to do next.

‘’Awwwww’’ echoed the stage as the audience swooned over them.

In a dangerous stunt, Lord Nil nearly gets eaten by cold-blooded alligators for the entertainment of America’s Got Talent viewers worldwide. During his audition, Simon did not deem his act risky enough so he asked him to up the ante; something with crocodiles, the judge hinted.

Apparently, Lord Nil took Simon’s advice quite too literally and employed alligators into his next act. These reptiles have been around for millions of years and survived some of the biggest extinction events so there’s no way they’d let the escape artist walk if he falls within their grasp.

Lord Nil was put on a straight jacket. When he was tight and secure, they attached both his feet onto a hook that was held by three ropes and then they hung him upside down. As icing on the cake, they lit the ropes on fire so the daredevil was on borrowed time.

They placed him just above the alligator tank with two gators in it. The crowd looked in disgust and fear as Lord Nil struggled to free himself from his predicament.

As the first rope snapped because of the fire, judge Mel B couldn’t handle it anymore and pressed the buzzer. She turned his chair against the act and refused to watch the rest.

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