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Marc Spelman, a 46-year-old magician from North London, puts on one of the best magic performances ever to be done on TV! He looped in his family story into the act and the most astonishing thing happened.

Despite being incredible at what he does, Marc does not make a full-time living out of magic. But this might very well the break he needs to get more gig.

To begin his act, he asked permission to approach the judges. He gave Amanda a Rubik’s cube and told her to keep mixing until he gets back to her.

Next, he went to David with a box of crayons, shook it and ask him to pick one without looking. He told him to hold on to the crayon but not look at it or show it to anyone. David obliged.

Then she approached Alesha with a deck of cards which belongs to his daughter. They were all different cards and asked her to pick one as well.

He went back to Amanda, took the Rubik’s cube and said, ‘’You have mixed that cube into a completely unique pattern. Fair to say? We’ll get back to that in a moment.’’

Finally, he went to Simon and gave him a pen that belongs to his wife. He asked him to hold it on the table with the ballpoint pointing upwards.

Do you believe in the magic? If not, this might just convince you that it is real. Or at least be awestruck by how awesome and sly this magician is!

Shin Lim was impressive in his auditions but this time, he has to raise the bar higher if he was to proceed to the next round. The judges chose not to ask too many questions about what the magician is going to do and let the magic unveil itself.

Shin asked a volunteer among the judges, and eventually went for Olivia. She sat on a chair right next to him so the judges have eyes close to the magician’s table. Today, he will be serving card tricks!

I know, it’s one of the oldest tricks in the book. It has been done and figured out and done a million times before. How could he possibly be doing anything that could still impress the judges? But man, did he pull it off.

He laid cards on the table and picked a card, an Ace, and handed it to Olivia. He asked her to cover it with her hands.

A mixture of horror and awe filled the theater of America’s Got Talent as Sacred Riana did her set. The frightening magician hails from Indonesia and her act was straight out of an Asian horror flick.

Sacred Riana has long silky black hair and wears a school uniform. She also carries an aged doll but mostly holds it loosely by one arm. She doesn’t talk and tends to twitch her head uncontrollably towards her left side.

When Mel B asked her what her name was, there was no response. Throughout the interview process, she did not utter a single words\ and just did creepy head jerks.

‘’Well, let’s try again. Welcome to American’s Got Talent anyway,’’ Mel B said after her first question was ignore.

Suddenly, the terrifying magician lets go of her doll that she’d been holding and approached the judges. All four of them were visibly terrified of her and the creepy vibes she exuded.

She stared at the judges as she walked past them. Simon formed a cross with his two index fingers in hopes that she will steer clear of him.

She made a turn behind Howie and was walking behind the judges who were downright terrified of her. Heidi also formed a cross with her fingers as Simon hid behind her.

Magician Turns Wedding Cake Into Paper

What’s more awesome than a wedding? A magician’s wedding! You’re sure to see a magic trick or two!

Blake Vogt, a magician who appeared on the stage of American’s Got Talent in 2016, tied the knot with his long time girlfriend and got the attendees good.

A little bit of a backstory, he refers to himself as the ‘’Allergic Magician’’ because he is allergic to so many things in life. Vogt joined season 11 of the competition and made it to the semifinals but unfortunately did not get enough votes to make it all the way to the end.

Anyway, alongside his wife at the reception, he took a slice of the wedding cake and announced that he will not be doing a magic trick. Sure, it was his big day and he can do whatever he wanted.

”The main question that most people asked us when we got married was, ‘Well is there gonna be magic at the wedding?”’

To which Vogt responded, ”No, but it will be magic-ful.”

However, when the crowd playfully booed his decision not to do magic, he took it back and offered to do one trick, much to the delight of everyone at the venue. Vogt looks at his wife and asked, ”Are you think what I’m thinking?”

Every now and then, we see acts on the big stage that are not particularly skillful or beautiful but then win our hearts anyway. Such is the case for Sora, a magician hailing from Japan, who auditioned on Britain’s Got Talent.

The 26-year-old started the act by summoning his lovely assistant. She walked in to the stage, carrying a sketchbook.

The inside of the sketch book was divided into four parts: the head, the chest area, the lower body area and the legs. Each page of the sketch book shows the same girl wearing different colored underwear, much to the bewilderment of the crowd and judges alike.

Sora and her assistant approached Simon first and asked him to turn the page for the chest area; then he went to David for the panty area; and lastly to Alesha for the stocking area.

Apparently, he asked the judges to choose the pages to ensure that the underwear colors chosen were totally random for the funniest and weirdest magic trick he is about to unveil.

The magician and his assistant went back to the stage. Everyone thought the female assistant will be stripping to show how they predicted the judges’ choices just moments earlier.

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