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The incredible thing about talent is that it knows no age, no race, no financial status. People from all walks of all possess the talent to perform incredible skills ranging from singing to dancing to athletics. Humans are amazing.

Two sisters named Anastasia Petrik and Viktoria Petrik are no strangers to performing in front of a large crowd. The sisters have been singing for most of their entire lives — they were certainly born to perform.

The 11 and 16-year old sisters performed and competed at the Junior Eurovision contest — Anna won the contest in Amsterdam back in 2012. Viktoria auditioned on Ukraine’s Got Talent. The judges invited Anna on stage with her sister.

Their voices blew those judges away and the two of them ended up making it to the semi-finals. They were competing together at that point — their voices belonged together.

Well, they’ve done it again — they perform a cover of Mariah Carey’s “Without You” and it’s absolutely phenomenal. The girls sing the song with such perfection and grace, it’s guaranteed to give you goosebumps.

There’s a saying that when you fall down, you should get back up, and try again. It’s a great motto for life — to never give up and to persevere. That’s exactly what Joe Mae did when he auditioned for The Voice.

Maye had auditioned once before and didn’t make it through — but this wasn’t going to stop him from hanging on to his dream. Maye ended up returning once again to audition for the four judges.

In hopes of winning the judges over, Maye decided to sing “I Put A Spell On You.” Little did he know, that was one of Christina Aguilera’s favorite songs. As Maye started singing, it wasn’t long before he piqued everyone’s interest.

It wasn’t long before his performance was enough to make Christina want to press her buzzer and turn around. She was eager to be his voice coach. But, of course, she wasn’t going to nab him that easily.

Soon after Christina turned her chair, Blake Shelton decided to do the same. Now, the singer was going to have a choice between judges. Christina would now have to really compete to try and woo Maye over to her team. 

Maye was ecstatic to wrap up his audition with two judges to choose from. It was a dream come true to sing again on this stage, and hopefully many more times to come. It was finally all happening for him. Aguilera informed Maye that it was her favorite song and would love to sing it with him someday.

And before you know it, that statement was taken as a challenge…

There’s a saying in life that “everything happens for a reason.” There are situations and events that happen to us, good and bad, that shape the people that we are today. Sometimes, they even help us discover hidden talents.

A little 9-year-old girl named Angelica Hales is brave enough to show off her talent by auditioning for America’s Got Talent. Her parents couldn’t be more supportive of her; after all — she’s overcome so much already.

“When Angelica was four years old, she started coughing and having fevers. We brought her into the emergency room, and that’s when we found out she had double pneumonia,” her dad explained to NBC World of Dance.

If that wasn’t horrible enough, Angelica’s kidney had stopped working — they weren’t sure if their little girl was going to make it. The brave girl’s parents were not going to give up — her mom was going to do anything she could to save her life.

Angelica’s mom donated one of her kidneys to her little girl. The transplant ended up saving their daughter’s life. And we’re so grateful that it did.

Angelica is here with us today to share her amazing talent with us. We are so impressed by her perseverance.

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You might recognize her name from winning the 11th season of America’s Got Talent. Her name is Grace VanderWaal and she was the youngest winner of the show — and for good reason. The 12-year-old’s performance completely stunned the judges.

The young artist is originally from Kansas but now lives in New York City. When Grace entered the stage, she introduced herself and announced to the judges that she would be performing an original song.

The judges were a bit taken aback because they weren’t sure if that was the best move for her to get past the first round. They were hesitant to see if such a young girl could impress them with an original song.

Simon Cowell even blatantly asked her if she truly believed she could win by singing an original song. Her response was absolutely perfect, “Well, miracles can happen so possibly.”

She began to strum her ukelele and sing a song completely written on her own — it’s titled “I Don’t Know My Name.” Simon Cowell immediately realized that she wasn’t kidding about what she had said earlier.

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They say the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree, and often times that is proven true when it comes to really talented people. Take Luke Bryan for example; he’s an amazing country singer — and it turns out, his little boy is quite the little dancer!

During one of Luke Bryan’s concerts in 2009, he was performing the song “Country Man” when his young son, named Bo, made his way onto the stage to join his daddy. He’s only 1-year-old at the time.

In the video you’re about to see on the next page, it will be no mystery as to why it has been viewed over 4.5 million times. Bo takes the stage and displays confidence like he’s been in front of this many people hundreds of times.

As his dad continues to perform the popular song, Bo dances around on the stage; he’s absolutely melting the audience’s hearts. With his little Superman shirt and his big protective earphones, he’s too much.

At the end of the song, Luke Bryan places his baseball cap on his son’s head; the audience loved this precious moment as well. All of this was all filmed, and we love it!

The hat falls from Bo’s little head and he stares out at the crowd before handing the hat back to his dad. The popularity of this performance is apparent during this sweet moment — such a great moment between father and son!

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