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The country music world was shaken on Wednesday night (9-4-19) by the news that Kylie Rae Harris…the Texas country singer had been killed in a car crash in New Mexico.

Kylie’s representative told Fox News:

“We are heartbroken to confirm that Kylie Rae Harris passed away in a car accident last night. We have no further details to share, and ask for privacy for her family at this time. Everyone that knew Kylie knew how much she loved her family and, beyond that, how much she loved music. The best tribute to her unmatched enthusiasm for both is to spread as much love as you can today, and listen to music that fully inspires you.”

It was reported by the Taos County Sheriff’s office that there were tree vehicles that were invovled in teh crash.

Based on Kylie’s Instagram page, she was heading to play at the Big Barn Music Festival.

Here is what she said from her page:

Image Credit: Fox News


Maren Morris also shared the news of Kylie’s death on her instagram page:

“I just heard the news and I’m in shock,” Morris said. @kylierh, you have always been so sweet and supportive of me. Your soulful voice and Texas beauty was always jaw-dropping, even when we were teenagers at the Larry Joe Taylor festival. Thinking of your family and your precious baby girl right now. Rest In Peace.”

What makes this story even more devastating is that it is now being reported that the initial person who responded to Wednesday nights fatal crash…a New Mexico volunteer fire chief…learned that to his shock and horror that his own 16 year old daughter was also died in the accident.

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Just three months before taking the stage at Australia’s Got Talent, a 14-year-old boy named Fletcher Pilon suffered a terrible tragedy. His little brother Banjo, just 10-years-old, passed away in front of him.

Banjo and Fletcher were skateboarding together like they normally did, when Banjo was tragically struck by a car. Sadly, Banjo later died from his injuries. Fletcher was absolutely devastated.

Fletcher, although grieving, wanted to do something to make sense of the loss and help him cope. It would also be a dedication to his little brother whom he loved dearly. He wrote a song called “Infinite Child.”

Before the 14-year-old was seconds into the song, the entire room was already tearing up. His story was so sad and touching. They knew that they were about to witness something very special and emotional.

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If you’re a fan of America’s Got Talent then you’re probably familiar with the name Brian Justin Crum. He’s a 28-year-old singer that had a performance that moved Howie Mandel to tears.

It was mesmerizing. During his initial audition, he performed Queen’s “Somebody to Love” — it was at that moment that the entire room, and everyone watching on TV, fell in love with Brian’s incredible voice. No one could stay in their seats. Before performing, Brian touched everyone’s hearts by telling everyone a little bit about his past. He had been bullied because he was overweight and gay.

“I just begged (my mother) to let me live with my aunt and uncle in Oregon to have a fresh start and she let me go,” the singer explains in an interview. After he was done taking everyone’s breath away, he received the nod from all four judges to move to the next round. Every performance from then on was just incredible.

But it was one performance of a popular Radiohead song that moved Howie to tears. When you watch it — you’ll see why.

Once again, Brian walked on stage and based on his past performances — he was going to nail it out of the park. The truth was? That was the understatement of a lifetime. It was going to move one judge to tears.

Brian performed his own version of Radiohead’s**** song “Creep” in his own original way; the judges were left with their jaws dropped. It was so incredibly emotional.

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Celine Tam is just 9-years-old but that doesn’t hold her back from anything. She might be tiny, but her voice is huge. Her inspiration? The multi-platinum award-winning artist, Celine Dion, fittingly enough.

Celine Dion is this little girl’s favorite singer, but the megastar better watch out because this little girl is quickly following in her footsteps. When Celine Tam auditioned for America’s Got Talent, she showed that to the world.

One day, during a normal car ride, Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On” came on the radio. Celine Tam began to belt it out. Not only that, but she was really, really good! Her dad was simply amazed by his young daughter’s voice.

It’s no coincidence that both of these talented singers are named Celine. Tam’s parents are big fans of Dion and named their daughter after her. It’s like it was written in the stars.

Tam’s performance on the popular show was so impressive that it even blew Simon Cowell away; he was initially not expecting much from the young singer. He doubted her at first. How could she possibly pull this song off?

Read on to find out how she does it!

Evie Abplanalp recently had the heartbreaking experience of losing her father to stage 4 colon cancer. However, this didn’t stop her from continuing on to perform during the finale on America’s Got Talent.

At the time of her father’s diagnosis, Armos Abplanalp was given only a 5% chance of survival. However, during his treatment, he still worked at the Latter Day Saint church as a bishop, as well as a prison counselor.

It was actually Armos’ diagnosis that inspired his daughter to audition for the show in the first place. The audience and judges absolutely fell in love with her when she performed a rendition of Macy Gray’s “I Try.” It was a tribute to her father.

She also performed Birdy’s “Wings” and wowed the entire room each time. Apparently, impressing the television audience as well because she kept advancing, round after round.

During semi-finals, she revealed to the judges that her father’s organs were beginning to fail. He had to be placed on life support. They weren’t even sure if he was going to make it through the night.

Evie and her mom needed to stay to hear the results from the semi-finals, but the rest of the family quickly rushed to be by his side. They prayed that he would make it long enough for Evie to come back to say goodbye.

When it was announced that Evie made it to the finals, it was a bittersweet moment. They immediately rushed to visit Armos in the hospital and say their goodbyes. Evie’s mother had to make the decision to take him off of life support the next morning.

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