In a dangerous stunt, Lord Nil nearly gets eaten by cold-blooded alligators for the entertainment of America’s Got Talent viewers worldwide. During his audition, Simon did not deem his act […]

PAC Dance Team has been receiving mixed reactions from the crowd. Some people like them, some people don’t. But one can’t deny that they are popular for a reason. The […]

We’ve seen many daredevil on America’s Got Talent but nothing quite Bello Nock. This guy has never had a boring or safe act on the AGT stage and even upped […]

A toddler from China made into the international spotlight due to his amazing singing and dance moves. Not only that, the kid is obviously smart and a natural at entertaining. […]

UDI Dance isn’t just about sick moves and coherent choreography, they are here to leave a mark with a novel act that will leave the audience begging for more. The […]

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