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Andy Huggins, a senior, did not give up on his dream of becoming a comedian and took his comedic prowess to America´s Got Talent. Although old, his jokes were naughty and unhindered!

He dished about his sexual life, romance fantasies and perks of being an old person. His first joke went, ´´I reached my sexual peak 38 years ago. I´m down to one shade of grey, two if catch a nap in the afternoon.´´

He claims to still find s** exciting, except that he doesn´t know what´s going to happen to first: an o***** or a foot cramp. While a lot of people in the audience have yet to reach his age, they did find his stories hilarious. After all, we are all getting there.

‘’There are advantages to being my age. People will stand and offer me their seat, which is great on the bus but a little creepy in the men’s room,’’ Andy continues.

Unfortunately for Andy, not everyone got his jokes. Judge Mel B was very vocal about not getting anything that he said, much to the surprise of the rest of the judges who thought they were pretty straight forward.

Hans– a self-proclaimed international superstar, s** symbol, accordian, songwriter, Madonna fan — graced the stage of America’s Got Talent and brought non-stop confusion, fun and laughter!

The Berlin wonderboy is a natural at making people’s sides split. Simon asked Hans if he is a full-time performer, to which he responded: ‘’Honey for me, being a celebrity is a full time job. You know, you understand. It really is an act of charity,’’ Hans told Simon.

And when asked if thinks he could win the show, Hands beat around the bush but basically said yes by saying: ‘’Simon, I give you a Beyonce style show on a Demi Lovato budget.’’

At one point, he gave Mel the impression that he has met Simon before. The Berliner was quick to deny it but claims he may be stirring something that’s been brewing inside him for a while now, implying that he might be gay.

Hans started his performance with a ‘’good old fashion German sing-a-long’’ which sounded like a really good idea at first but ended up confusing the audience. After which, he played the intro of Tina Turner’s Proud Mary in a modified and very slow way.

Let’s relive the magic of Sofie Dossi from California who shocked the judges and audience at America’s Got Talent! Sofie’s talent is contorting her body beyond normal human capacity!

And you know what’s even more impressive? She is self-taught. She never went to a flexibility or dance class to teach her how to contort herself.

She found her passion for contortion after watching a video. She gave it a try and has been in love with it ever since. Her family is so supportive, in fact her dad makes all her equipment. Whoop!

A combination of disbelief and amazement overcame the judges at the sight of Sofie’s first trick. She balanced her body on a thin pole and brought her feet all the back to her head. She shifted her legs to the right side of her body and took of one hand from the pole!

She had an apple held by a toilet paper holder attached to one of the thin poles (thanks dad) and she picked it up by contorting her body so far down that the crowd got nervous for her. After all, no human should be that flexible.

Brian King Joseph, also known as ‘’The King of Violin’’ graced the stage of America’s Got Talent and riled up the theater with his performance. But violinist from Los Angeles, California holds a painful secret.

Three years ago, he was diagnosed with a nerve disease that took away the feeling in his hands and feet. Pretty soon, it will spread throughout his body. That is why he felt that this year is finally the time he gets on the AGT stage and spread cheers to everyone as he might not be able to do it soon.

But Brian is not just another artist with a sob story, this guy has legit talent. Anyone who has had the pleasure of witnessing his performance will agree.

When he was on stage, one can really tell that no only is his good at violin but he is also passionate about it. His movement were fluid, he was feeling the music and he was all smiles throughout the performance.

Eventually, the crowd got on their feet and clapped to the tune that he was playing. They were in love with him and what he brought to the table that day.

The entire theater exploded in applause as soon as he finished his set. Meanwhile, Heidi ran to the stage and gave him a huge hug. ‘’Oh god, oh god. Thank you so much. Thank you,’’ tearfully uttered as she was in Heidi’s embrace.

Brian has been playing the violin since he was four and it has been his dream to play for the crowd on America’s Got Talent. His dream finally came true and he could not contain his ecstasy.

As Heidi runs back the judges’ table, the crowd were still on their feet, clapping for the talented musician and he was awestruck by the response he got.

Of course, the judges had nothing but love and praises in their comments so Brian is moving on to the next stage!l

Vivien Vajda is a Hungarian athlete who came to the United States for a scholarship, and what better way to expand her horizons than to also give America’s Got Talent a shot. After all, she’s got the verve and skills.

Howie was delighted to know that she came overseas as it proves that America’s Got Talent stage brings people from all over the world! When she asked her why she joined the competition, she responded, ‘’I want to show people my passion for jump rope.’’

Simon was quick to roll his eyes and sigh as soon as he heard ‘’jump rope.’’ Little did he know, h would be in for a surprise.

Vivien did not just do standard jumping ropes moves such as the double dutch. She was flying through the air, doing high kicks and even doing flips throughout the performance. The judges, especially Simon, was surprised about how the performance turned considering how low his expectations were.

Acts like this is the kind of thing that really makes America’s Got Talent. Many people can sing and dance but fewers can offer really unique acts that would make people go, ‘’Oh, I haven’t seen that one before. Or at least not done like that.’’

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