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We’ve seen many daredevil on America’s Got Talent but nothing quite Bello Nock. This guy has never had a boring or safe act on the AGT stage and even upped the ante even further when Simon challenged him.

In the previous round, Bello promised a human cannon ball if he was to make it to the next round. The judges let him through and he walked the talk.

Not only did he shoot himself into the air, he also added a little extra bonus: helicopter blades. Between the cannonball and the airbag target where he would land, there was a helicopter sitting there with its blades whirring.

The judges were becoming more and more unsure about this act. According to Bello, there are only 48 people in history who attempted human cannonball and only half of them made it. The other half–well, they died. Even the ones who made it suffered serious injuries.

Simon was particularly anxious about the act and wanted to get it over with. Every minute that goes by was just emotional torture for the judges.

And so that act carried on. Bello climbed behind the cannonball and went into its mouth. He waved for a bit before he went into all the way inside the cannon.

The helicopter blades were spinning, the crowd anxious, the judges’ hearts in their throat. After all, nothing prepared you for a moment like this because not only is it rare, it is also ludicrous. I mean, why shoot yourself out of a cannon?

Everyone participated in the countdown. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and off goes good ol’ Bello in the air, over the helicopter blades and made it onto the target. Simon let out a huge sigh in relief as soon as the act was over. Everyone did.

Bello landed on his back. He did a backflip in the air on accident as he focused too much on the blades instead of landing. Nevertheless, it was an impressive act that no one else has done before. Props to him!

In the end, he did not get a Golden Buzzer because the judges already gave away all 6 of them.

A toddler from China made into the international spotlight due to his amazing singing and dance moves. Not only that, the kid is obviously smart and a natural at entertaining.

3-year-old Zhang Junhao hails from Zibo in Shandong Province, China. He often goes to the plaza to dance with his family which includes his mother, father, sister, aunt and grandmother. Thanks to his family of dancers, he also got the knack for dancing.

He came on the stage of China’s Got Talent, dragging along a speaker that looks like suitcase and a huge dream. He considers his speaker his baby.

He captivated the audience as soon as he walked into the stage. There were some confusion about him in the beginning. First, he said he will be doing a random dance, which is true when you see his act but can be confusing at first. Second, they were unsure whether he is a boy or a girl.The little boy cleared the air and said he is a boy.

He had a remote with him which he wanted to give to the judges. He walked all by himself to them; descending and ascending stairs to give the judges the remove which is needed to control the music.

UDI Dance isn’t just about sick moves and coherent choreography, they are here to leave a mark with a novel act that will leave the audience begging for more. The group is unique compared to other dance groups in that they dance in darkness.

The group uses darkness to conjure up things using using glow in the dark materials. The result is truly magical.

The act began with one of the crew members holding a mysterious book. He opened it and got transported to a different realm where people are glow in the dark silhouettes. No faces, no details. Just lights outlining them.

There was a mirror and he saw himself in it. Curiosity got the best of him so he came close and then out of nowhere, he got pulled by his reflection on the mirror. The ensuing scenes is basically him trying to get out of the trap he got pulled into.

But his evil reflection on the mirror won’t let him leave. They chased him, blocked him and even shot him at one points but he self healed for some reason.

The mirror that brought him to the alien world resurfaced on the stage and he without hesitation, he made a beeline for it and never looked back.

Spanish duo Alejandro and Ricardo are taking stunts to a whole new level of crazy. During the audition, one of them fell and tumbled but that does not stop them from upping the ante.

The judges were having a talk before the performance, during which Howie dished an alarming detail that the producers told him earlier. Even if the duo meets an accident, they must not be stopped because they will just have to try again.

This time, the duo will be doing Icarian Games, an ancients form of acrobat where one person lies on his back and juggles another person in the air using his feet. It is a very dangerous stunt.

So dangerous in fact that the brothers did not practice the highlight of their performance because it is so risky. They cannot afford to be injured before the show so they chose to wing it on the AGT stage.

To begin the performance, Ricardo laid on a special chair, feet up. Alejandro jumps over the him and lands on his back against his feet. Ricardo starts juggling Alejandro in the air to the surprise and amazement of everyone in the theater.

Alejandro twirled and even stood feet to feet against Ricardo! It was a super risky routine where trust is everything.

There’s no one quite like The Future Kingz, a dance crew hailing from Chicago, that can deliver such swag. They delivered during this performance on America’s Got Talent.

The Future Kingz is a dance group with young members who are highly coachable talents. They have the makings of a future stars, which makes the name of their group just absolutely perfect.

‘’How would you say you’ve stepped it up from the last time that we saw you?” Mel asked.

The group responded, ‘’Your critiques embedded in our minds and we’ve been working really really hard. Everywhere that we could possibly be, in the most random places at times, we would just bust out to practice–in stores, whatever we had to do!’’

The crew were started by the older members who met in high school. Their love for music brought them together so they started a teaching dance to youngins. They eventually let some of the kids join in on their group to compete in America’s Got Talent.

The crew started their performance by dancing to the tune of Bruno Mar’s Finesse. They transitioned from song to song, some of which the judges absolutely loved especially Mel and Heidi.

Although raw and still a little bit rough around the judges, the group is very entertaining to watch so the audience and the judges were entertained through and through.

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