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I thought I couldn’t love dogs more but this video just made my day. Despite several rejections from a kid with Down Syndrome, this yellow Lab still insists to be friends with him and it’s so beautiful to witness. The background music helps too.

He laid with the kid, patted his shoulders, cuddled him and really tried to cheer him up by being goofy. It’s amazing how kind, patient, and understanding dogs can be.

According to a research to a research published in 2012 by Stanley Coren, dogs are capable of feeling empathy, a complex emotion that enables them to share our pain. The research found out that a dog will approach and comfort a person, whether his owner or a stranger, who is down.

Doesn’t this just make you love dogs even more? He’s been rejected by the special needs kid several times but he never gave up on him. He knows the kid needs his friendship and he’s doing what he can to cheer him up!

Go to the next page to see this truly heartwarming video. This dog knows that the kid needs him and he has made it loud and clear that even though the kid doesn’t need him, he’s going to be there for him.

You only have 24 hours a day and you have your own health and life to look at too. When it comes to working parents, things get complicated. Here are the top 4 regrets almost every parent has – it’s inevitable, trust me!

Lauren Revell from Huggies Little Swimmers said, “Lots of parents have regrets because it’s very easy to look backwards. Things can seem simpler with hindsight, and it seems you definitely live and learn when you’re a parent. Lots of parents say they have done things differently with their second child than their first – nobody knows straight away how to be a parent, so these regrets with your first-born are understandable.”

Working Too Much

Golden Retriever Teaches Puppy to Use the Stairs!

Japan, a celebrity golden retriever who is known for his helping paw, already has thousands of followers on Facebook and Instagram!

This time Japan was seen assisting a puppy to navigate a flight of stairs.

He starts off being firm and finally puts his paw on the puppy’s back for encouragement!

Thanks to Pan Palida for uploading this on YouTube and to Mirror for featuring it!

Article Source: Mirror

Photo Credit: Mirror

When you think of the Pit Bull dog breed what first comes to mind?  Well, we have been longtime Pit Bull dog lovers and we have nothing but great things to say about these amazing dogs.

We can’t tell you how many wonderful stories we have read and seen regarding these incredible dogs. Time after time, they leap in when danger threatens.

Like many other dogs, Pit Bulls will bond with one particular human within their family. And when that human is threatened, they’ll do anything to protect them.

In the video you will hear the story of a Pit Bull dog who saves a woman from her husband in what was a domestic fight. It continues to amaze me just how courageous Pit Bull dogs really are!

Read On to see this amazing dog video and please share this with your friends and family!

The portrayal of Pit Bulls in the past has not been in a very positive light. They have been pegged as violent and mean – but we all know it’s the owner with issues. Am I right?

These 2 adorable Pit Bulls were horribly abused by their previous owners as you’ll be able to tell by their scars and markings. So sad to think of what they endured.

But thankfully, a rescue organization called Hope For Paws tries their best to rescue Pit Bulls (and all dogs!) who are in abusive or inadequate environments. They do a great job by the way!

These adorable Pit Bulls are placed inside a small room together and the results might not be what you’d expect. They seem to be doing a choreographed dance!

Read On to watch video of two dogs who look like they’ve been taking some dance lessons. You’ll want to keep your eye on the one on the left! Too cute!

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