Can you believe that this big boy was the runt of the litter?   Standing at 7′ 4″ tall, Freddy, a Great Dane, is well on his way to becoming the biggest dog in Britain!  Owner Claire Stoneman of Southend-on-Sea, Essex said, “It’s quite amazing how big Freddy has become considering how small he started off.”  Then he started growing and gained a pound a week!

Claire, a 38-year-old taxi driver, bought Freddy and his sister, Fleur, when they were just 5 weeks old and “very little”.  Now they seem to have taken over the house.  Freddy and Fleur have pretty impressive appetites as well.  Claire said she goes through somewhere between $80 to $90 pounds a month for food.  That’s about $120 to $135 per month US dollars!!  The monster pups are well fed though.  Their diet includes 8 large cans of wet dog food, 4 roasted chickens, 12 lbs of minced chicken and 12 lbs of tripe!

But the most impressive thing about their appetite is the 14 couches they have chewed apart!  Ouch! Because of their massive size, they can drink water from the kitchen faucet and open doors!  They don’t sleep in regular dog beds either.  Each dog has their own couch!

Although the house is “a bit of madness and the dogs run the house”, Claire says that she truly loves her giants babies.  “They are my #1 priority.  They are my fur babies.   I don’t have children and I spoil them as any parent would spoil a baby.”

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