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A mixture of horror and awe filled the theater of America’s Got Talent as Sacred Riana did her set. The frightening magician hails from Indonesia and her act was straight out of an Asian horror flick.

Sacred Riana has long silky black hair and wears a school uniform. She also carries an aged doll but mostly holds it loosely by one arm. She doesn’t talk and tends to twitch her head uncontrollably towards her left side.

When Mel B asked her what her name was, there was no response. Throughout the interview process, she did not utter a single words\ and just did creepy head jerks.

‘’Well, let’s try again. Welcome to American’s Got Talent anyway,’’ Mel B said after her first question was ignore.

Suddenly, the terrifying magician lets go of her doll that she’d been holding and approached the judges. All four of them were visibly terrified of her and the creepy vibes she exuded.

She stared at the judges as she walked past them. Simon formed a cross with his two index fingers in hopes that she will steer clear of him.

She made a turn behind Howie and was walking behind the judges who were downright terrified of her. Heidi also formed a cross with her fingers as Simon hid behind her.

An illusionist shocks everyone t when he re-appeared on stage after walking out of the arena on this episode of America’s Got Talent. Logic would suggest that there’s no way he could’ve made it all the way back that fast.

Rob Lake, who hails from Norman, Oklahoma, really made the crowd’s jaw drop with his impressive illusion act. He started doing illusions at 20 years old and dropped out of college, which did not make his parents happy. But they are supportive of him now that he is making a full-time career out of it.

To begin the act, Rob chose 7 people from the audience by randomly throwing a frisbee and see who catches them.

The 7 people who caught them got on stage and were instrumental in this elaborate act. He also asked judge Heidi and host Tyra to join in on the fun. In order to make the act more compelling, he got on video call which was streaming live on the big screen as he removed himself from the stage. He walked all the way to the back of the crowd and headed out of the door.

The crowd can see that Rob was out of the theater through the video call.

He instructed the volunteers to walk a circle around the table in the middle of the stage to show that it does not have hidden compartments. They were even allowed to touch it.

Kenny Thomas, a professional motorcyclist who hails from Paris, France, came to the United States to audition for America’s Got Talent with a motorcycle act. When Simon asked why America’s Got Talent, the daredevil responded, ”It’s the biggest talent show in the world and it’s my little American dream.’’

The daredevil asked for a volunteer among the judges, and as usual, Howie had to take the bullet. The chosen judge came on stage and was asked to lie down in the middle of the mat.

Host Tyra emerged from the sidelines with a helmet in her hands and put it on Howie’s head, much to the curiosity of the crowd. People can feel that something dangerous is about to transpire.

Kenny also put on gloves and a helmet. He went to the backstage and then came out riding a motorcycle! The crowd was terrified of what was going to happen but couldn’t look away!

The judges sternly warned Howie not to move.

Screams echoed throughout the arena when Kenny drove towards Howie, who was laying on the floor, and came dangerously close into running him with his motorbike! He skipped around Howie like a little girl playing at the school playground–all while riding a motorcycle.

When Oliver Graves walked into the stage, people thought he would do anything BUT comedy. He did not fit the bill with his messy black hair, dark circle around the eyes and tattered top!

Oliver- who hails from Santa Rosa, California- had a very somber vibe, dark if you may, when he came to the stage. He intrigued the audience and judges alike. Simon couldn’t help but smirk when he revealed that his bit will be stand up comedy.

It also doesn’t help his case that he looks like Edward Scissorhand who finally got human hands.

His first joke went, ‘’They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Well, not if you’re poisoned. Then the antidote becomes the most important meal.’’

At first the audience was confused, although some of them chuckled. Howie certainly loved it from the moment he told the first joke and had been a fan of him throughout his bit. The crowd also grew to love him joke after joke after joke. His humor is dark and real, and he totally sold it.

20-year-old Joseph O’Brien from Columbia, Tennessee came to audition for America’s Got Talent and made everyone swoon over his rendition of Lionel Richie’s ‘’Hello.’’ Two of the things really stood out about this young singer: first, his voice is so incredible and; two, he has never had a girlfriend!

O’Brien came to the competition alone, which piqued the judges’ interest. ‘’Did you leave somebody at home? Do you have a girlfriend or wife?’’ Heidi asked.

‘’No I don’t have a girlfriend. I’ve actually been single my entire life,’’ O’Brien responded.

The judges were quick to yell out, ‘’Noooo…’’ in disbelief. The guy was so sweet and a total charmer.

Meanwhile, the ladies in the crowd were quick to applaud his relationship status. After all, he looks like a long lost Jonas Brother–a fourth one with his beautiful curly hair and gorgeous face that totally looks like the famous siblings.

The singer added that he has never been on a legit date. Heidi asked if he at least got ‘’snogged,’’ which caught the attention of the other judges who thought it might be something dirty –but really, simply means kissed. The young singer has never kissed anyone either and it made him look even sweeter and a total gentleman.

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