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There’s no one quite like The Future Kingz, a dance crew hailing from Chicago, that can deliver such swag. They delivered during this performance on America’s Got Talent.

The Future Kingz is a dance group with young members who are highly coachable talents. They have the makings of a future stars, which makes the name of their group just absolutely perfect.

‘’How would you say you’ve stepped it up from the last time that we saw you?” Mel asked.

The group responded, ‘’Your critiques embedded in our minds and we’ve been working really really hard. Everywhere that we could possibly be, in the most random places at times, we would just bust out to practice–in stores, whatever we had to do!’’

The crew were started by the older members who met in high school. Their love for music brought them together so they started a teaching dance to youngins. They eventually let some of the kids join in on their group to compete in America’s Got Talent.

The crew started their performance by dancing to the tune of Bruno Mar’s Finesse. They transitioned from song to song, some of which the judges absolutely loved especially Mel and Heidi.

Although raw and still a little bit rough around the judges, the group is very entertaining to watch so the audience and the judges were entertained through and through.

Hans– a self-proclaimed international superstar, s** symbol, accordian, songwriter, Madonna fan — graced the stage of America’s Got Talent and brought non-stop confusion, fun and laughter!

The Berlin wonderboy is a natural at making people’s sides split. Simon asked Hans if he is a full-time performer, to which he responded: ‘’Honey for me, being a celebrity is a full time job. You know, you understand. It really is an act of charity,’’ Hans told Simon.

And when asked if thinks he could win the show, Hands beat around the bush but basically said yes by saying: ‘’Simon, I give you a Beyonce style show on a Demi Lovato budget.’’

At one point, he gave Mel the impression that he has met Simon before. The Berliner was quick to deny it but claims he may be stirring something that’s been brewing inside him for a while now, implying that he might be gay.

Hans started his performance with a ‘’good old fashion German sing-a-long’’ which sounded like a really good idea at first but ended up confusing the audience. After which, he played the intro of Tina Turner’s Proud Mary in a modified and very slow way.

I know what you’re thinking– BS right? Stilettos are the devil and no one can actually walk on them except models! I know it’s hard to believe but wait until you see this bunch of guys!

Junior New System is a crew from the Philippines who took their dancing prowess to the stage of America’s Got Talent. These guys flew across the Pacific Ocean to show the world what they’re made of.

The group knew that this was a golden opportunity and they had to pull all the stops to impress the judges. It is definitely a go big or go home type of situation. That is why they added a little twist into their routine that is sure to get the audience riled up and bring the judges to their feet.

The beginning of their performance was pretty standard; a group of guys who can dance really well. They were well coordinated and did back flips here and there but there really was nothing particularly special about what they were doing.

BUT…in the second half of their dance performance, three guys disappeared from the screen and came back sporting stilettos. And not just your average 4-inch stilettos; they wore 6-inch ones…while dancing!

Mel B was ecstatic to see the three boys in stilettos. ‘’Ohhh I love it. I love it,’’ Mel exclaimed!

Zurcaroh, a self-proclaimed non-professional aerial dance group, hails from Austria and traveled across the Atlantic to show off their skills on the big stage of America’s Got Talent. According to the group, they let anyone with fire and passion join their troupe regardless of skill level. The group is a mixture of children, teenagers and young adults.

But nothing about their performance screams non professional. Their timing and coordination was perfect; overall showmanship was great!

And then the crazy stunts slowly flooded in. At one point, they turned one of the performers into a human skipping rope and then threw her so high up in the air one would doubt if they were still able to catch her. Also, the male dancers were so strong they could balance three people at once!

The best bit was towards the end, when they formed a man-made trapeze where they threw a girl from one side of the stage to the other. It was truly a death-defying stunt where the stakes were so high that they could not afford to mess up. There really was nothing non-professional about Zurcaroh!

After their performance, there was a brief moment of silence that was brought about by shock and awe. Everyone was so blown away by them that it took two seconds for the crowd to get in their feet and roar in applause. The group also got a standing ovation from all four judges, which they so deserve. 

You don’t see an 80-year-old woman professionally dancing with a 30-year-old man on TV. That is why when octogenarian Padi and her young dancing partner Nico walked into the stage of Britain’s Got Talent, Simon Cowell was quick to roll his eyes and say, ‘’Well this is weird.’’

And it was. It truly was. But who said weird things cannot be beautiful and inspiring?

The judges were skeptical about the duo at first. David even asked what the nature of their relationship was, which Padi was quick to respond that it is an entirely professional one. The judges and the crowd were about to find out just how amazing this duo is.

Further skepticism ensues, as Simon asked the elder lady if she thinks they can win the show. Padi gracefully responded, ‘’Oh that would be very nice but just as long as people enjoy what we’re doing and we give people pleasure, that’s the main thing.’’

The beginning of the performance was slow. The audience was disinterested and Simon even let out a yawn. What’s more is that the dismissive judge pressed the buzzer , which definitely caught the attention of the dancers.

But then the mood switched, the tunes became faster and the duo burst into a dance that an 80-year-old should not be able to do. She was thrown up, down and dragged around like a young dancer in her 30s.

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