One of the best things about watching the shows that Simon Cowell judges is when you get to see his jaw drop or when he’s left speechless. These girls and their stunning performance did both!

Russian acrobat group, Angara Contortion, decided to audition for Britain’s Got Talent and we are so glad they did because their performance was absolutely incredible. Enough to leave Simon Cowell fumbling for words.

The four girls all walked out onto the stage wearing skintight bodysuits that were an aqua-blue matching the color of tropical waters. When their performance began — everyone in the room couldn’t help but watch in complete amazement.

The four contortionists move and bend their bodies in ways that 99% of the human population could never ever do. Imagine having your spine practically bent in half so your feet are next to your head. Yeah, they can do that.

It’s a performance that you’re not going to want to miss. They told the judges they had traveled a long distance to get there and it certainly paid off!

Read on to watch the mind-bending…or…body-bending performance that left Simon stunned.

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