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Shellie Lopes Boulanger was looking forward to her wedding day. She, like every bride, had anticipation and excitement about the big day. She was even more excited to have her two daughters be a part of the special event.

Angelina is Shellie’s 12-year-old daughter. She absolutely loves performing and always has. Angelina wanted to do something really unique for her mom and her new husband. She wanted to choreograph a dance.

Shellie’s other daughter is 8-year-old Aubrey. Aubrey suffers from Spinal Muscular Dystrophy, described by Medline Plus as “a genetic disease that attacks nerve cells […] in the spinal cord”, which ultimately leads to a weakening of voluntary muscle movement.

Not only was Angelina going to choreograph an incredible performance for her mom, but she was also going to bring Aubrey into the performance as well. It’s a dance act that has brought hundreds of thousands of people to tears.

Continue to the next page to watch the most thoughtful, poignant dance piece. Angelina is clearly an amazing performer and incredible big sister. This is a moment no one will ever forget.

10 Most Moving Multi-Media Talent Performances

There is no doubt that there are people in this world talented beyond measure. People who can accomplish things that others have never even dared to imagine. It is that drive to make an audience feel a particular emotion that sets one talent apart from another.

With all the technology we have at our fingertips, the last decade has rolled out some of the most breathtaking performances. Many of these never would have come into being if it weren’t for the digital age. Now with the ability to blend all of the arts into one stunning performance, new artists are able to arise and move us with their unmatched and epic vision of the world.

Below is a list of 10 of Got Talent’s most moving multi-media performances.

Just like the judges, each of these videos will have you moved either to tears or to your feet in amazement. So grab those tissues and let’s get started.

10. Sila Sveta- What better way to introduce the multimedia arts than with this duo whose name means “Power of Light”. Watch as they defy gravity and leave judges boggled.

9. Tony & Jordan- This delightful duo blends magic with audio/visual projections and sleight of hand to stun the audience. Watch as these two twins dazzle the judges with their act of multiplicity.

Impressed yet? Good! It just keeps getting better. Continue to the next page to see how these mixed-art performances transport you to an alternate world.

The world is full of amazing talent! So much so that America’s Got Talent is on it’s twelfth season! The show caught so much of the world’s attention, it has inspired branch off shows in other countries, such as Britain’s Got Talent and Mongolia’s Got Talent. There’s so much to see, our heads are spinning!

Some of the greatest acts though, are the ones that scare the living hell out of us! The ones that make us cringe in anticipation or look away out of horror. It’s the talent of the contestant to grab our emotions like putty, and shape and mold it into something that leaves us mystified, begging for more.

We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 freakiest acts in performance history!

What better time to relive those especially strange and terrifying performances than Halloween time? Hold onto your seats ladies and gents; it’s going to be a WILD ride!

10. James More- This 24 year old magician has been practicing the art of deception since he was 8! Entering with a lighthearted dance and a levitating tissue, More goes on to shock the judges with this dark stunt as his finishing act.

9. Peter Boie- This talented magician uses mentalism to get inside your head and scare you out of your mind! He’s performed all over the US except Hawaii and Delaware. Watch to see why you’ll be volunteering to pay him to go away!

These eerie acts are nothing compared to what’s to come! Continue to the next page for more wicked-amazing talent. Only if you’re not easily frightened, though. 

America’s Got Talent has been one of the most amazingly successful talent shows to ever grace our screens. We’ve seen so much incredible talent and so many stars born from the show. Our favorite auditions, however, are the ones that are most shocking.

The best auditions are the ones that leave the judges, and the crowd, completely stunned. The ones that leave you speechless. The ones that leave you picking your jaw up from the floor. Those are the auditions that will stick in our memories for years to come.

We found 10 of the most shocking and unforgettable moments to ever happen on the America’s Got Talent stage.

The shocking clips just keep coming, so keep scrolling. We’re listing them in order so you’re definitely not going to want to miss out on the ones that are to follow.

It’s crazy to think that there are so many talented people in the world. Let alone people that can completely take us off our guard like these ones!

10. Viktor Kee — Dressed in a nude, muscle bodysuit, Kee wows the audience with his mesmerizing work with just one red ball. It doesn’t sound like much, but it’s incredible.


Keep reading for more amazing auditions from America’s Got Talent!

While tall men are by no means new to the wonderful world of dance, there has never been a dancer quite like the “Big-O”, Oscar Hernandez. Standing at 6’2”, and weighing in at 280lbs, Hernandez is the largest light-footed dancer on the scene!

It isn’t just the simple fact that Hernandez can dance amazingly well that’s grabbed the nation’s attention though; it’s the style he chooses to dance in that fans can’t get enough of!

Oscar grew up in Orange County, California as an only child. His parents divorced when he was young, and his mom had to work long hours to keep food on the table. As a result, the young dancer was raised mostly by his grandmother, who had been a talented performer herself. Oscar grew up mimicking granny, and a young protégé was born!

Not everyone encouraged Oscar to develop his talents though. In his interview before the audition, the 34-year-old remembers when growing up his dad continually insisted that men his size weren’t meant to dance, they were meant for sports. In an effort to win his father’s praise, he tried his hand at football.

While he was talented on the field, his heart was still on the sidelines. After giving it his best, Oscar decided the only way he was going to be happy is if he embraced his passion full force. He traded in his helmet for a dance uniform and joined the cheer team at Apollo High school in Glendale, AZ.

It’s a good thing he did, too, as he is now the choreographer for many professional dance teams. A dream all the football fame in the world couldn’t have evolved. This man is ALL about dance, from beginning to end. He aids in auditioning, choreographing, and executing every dance for the Pistons.

He has also worked with sports dance teams such as the Nuggets, Warriors, Sonics, Blazers, Cowboys, Arizona Cardinals, and Lions. In addition, played a large part in choreographing the 2009 NBA All-Star Game halftime show in Phoenix! There is nothing dance related this man can’t do! Read On to see the moves that are skyrocketing this giant’s career to the next level!

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