If you have ever been to a wedding reception which….I’m sure most of you have, especially if you were the one getting married that day! Lol.

So as you know, with most wedding receptions there is the traditional dancing that is done…particularly with the bride. There will typically be a special dance with the bride and groom and maybe other members of the immediate family.

But when dog trainer Sara Carson Devine got hitched, the performance was out of this world! You might recognize Sara and her border collie Hero from the 12th season of America’s Got Talent, where the duo took the nation by storm with a seriously stunning series of performances. – we’ve got them all here for you to watch.

The duo, along with Sara’s 4 other collies have been performing steadily since their 2017 5th place finish on AGT. But Sara told The Daily Mail “Hero goes to hundreds of events every year but I have a feeling he did know that this was pretty special” and that her biggest concern was pulling off all the moves in her big beautiful wedding dress.

Check out their INCREDIBLE wedding dance below!

And if you want to see more Sara & Hero the dog Performances, check them out HERE!

Incredible Dog Training Team Going to the ‘AGT’ Finals



Source Credit: Rover.com