Shellie Lopes Boulanger was looking forward to her wedding day. She, like every bride, had anticipation and excitement about the big day. She was even more excited to have her […]

Loud children in an indoor pool might sound like a nightmare in most occasions. In this video, however, when a youth choir begins to sing in perfect harmony, it’s one […]

During the second season of The X Factor, a 13-year-old girl walked onto the stage as an unassuming teenager. Dressed in jean shorts, a tank top, and sandals, the judges […]

There is no doubt that there are people in this world talented beyond measure. People who can accomplish things that others have never even dared to imagine. It is that […]

The world is full of amazing talent! So much so that America’s Got Talent is on it’s twelfth season! The show caught so much of the world’s attention, it has […]

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