The Batman Who Laughs has been one of the hottest batman comic series. I have the entire collection and looking forward to more in the series. Due to the great […]

Running for a position within the student government can take some creativity. You’ve got to stand out against all the other students who are competing against you. Most of the […]

Are you a Mighty Morphin Power Rangers fan? It’s always been my favorite version of the Power Rangers…by far. I know I’m showing my age as it’s been over 30 […]

We’ve been pretty excited about the upcoming Loki original series on Disney plus ever since that teaser they showed during this past Super Bowl. First of all, I’m just a […]

A 12-year-old Rottweiler named Spartan considers a vixen named Ruby his best friend. The duo lives in Swampy’s Wildlife Rescue in Sheerness, UK. It’s heartwarming to see stories like this, […]

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