Magicians David and Leeman wows at America’s Got Talent with their knack for practice pressure phrenology pseudoscience which took away Howie’s ability to think. Sounds unreal? Well it is but […]

A self-proclaimed ghetto version of Houdini, Smootheni appeared on America’s Got Talent and certainly did the deceased magician proud. He is a bar magician who is taking his trick to […]

Got Talent competitions have all sorts of acts in their roster–from heartwarming to sad to downright death defying. Sometimes, it is hard to sit through a performance without one of […]

Simon is known as the cold-hearted judge on America’s Got Talent. It takes a lot to have him begging for a vote. This is one of those very rare occasions […]

Andy Huggins, a senior, did not give up on his dream of becoming a comedian and took his comedic prowess to America´s Got Talent. Although old, his jokes were naughty […]

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