Stranger Things has been taking pop culture by storm. The sci-fi 80’s inspired Netflix series about a young group of kids dealing with an alternate universe has been wildly popular. […]

Just three months before taking the stage at Australia’s Got Talent, a 14-year-old boy named Fletcher Pilon suffered a terrible tragedy. His little brother Banjo, just 10-years-old, passed away in […]

Have you ever wanted to play an instrument? Maybe when you were young your parents had you join the band, or enrolled you in piano lessons. Many great musicians got […]

When you think of dancing, what comes to mind? Ballet, hip-hop, or ballroom? Tango, tap, or jazz? There are so many beautiful styles of dance out there. But a group […]

One of the greatest lessons we all learn in life is the art of balance. Whether it’s balancing work and play, exercise and rest, love and responsibility, it is one […]

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