There’s something magical about a duet! One talented person alone is entertaining, but when paired with an equally talented partner, they become sensational! This is what the darling 11-yr-old duo, […]

It’s a well known fact that people aren’t always what  they seem. They can seem dull and shock you in a moment of spontaneity, or appear excitingly vivacious only to […]

Often touted as the “Memory Extraordinaire”, Raphael Nselel is a 5 year old genius who can sit down and tell you everything you don’t remember from your education, and he […]

We’ve all heard the saying “a dog is man’s best friend”. Have you ever thought about why? Sure they provide companionship, even in a therapeutic capacity. So much so that […]

Stranger Things has been taking pop culture by storm. The sci-fi 80’s inspired Netflix series about a young group of kids dealing with an alternate universe has been wildly popular. […]

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