In times of panic and chaos – it’s easy to become frazzled and keep a cool head. What happens when a natural disaster hits and you need to evacuate immediately? What happens if you have pets during these situations?

It would be easy to become completely focused on trying to save your own life, that you might temporarily forget about your dog or other pets if an emergency happened. Adrenaline does weird things to a person.

But this couple in Japan went against all odds and refused to let their dogs get hurt…or even worse…die. They even risked their own lives to make sure that didn’t happen.

A Japanese city, north of Tokyo, has been experiencing torrential rains which have been leading to horrific flash floods that take out entire villages in seconds.

As rescue helicopters were searching an area for survivors – what they saw shivering on top of a roof of a house was astonishing! And what they were holding was even more shocking!

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