I’m honestly not sure how to feel about this. I mean..on the one hand it’s truly shocking and irresponsible to see so many people flocking to the beaches like this […]

As we know the devastation left by COVID-19 has been felt worldwide and all places. And small businesses have also felt the pain of this.  Case in point…a GA resturant […]

These are some of the funniest but also relatible posts! I’m sure looking through these you will be able to relate to your own personal experience.  The kid that was […]

If you have been watching “90 Day Fiance”, then you will know that “Big Ed”, might be one of the most outlandish and over the top characters we have seen […]

This was such a horrible tragedy. On May 2019, a Russian jet was struck by lightning and crash-landed, killing 41 people on board. But what I feel has been overlooked […]

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