Scaring an audience while maintaining your likability isn’t easy. It takes years of practice and learning. If you scare an audience too bad, they won’t want to come back for more. You have to know how to read people. Not just their thoughts, but their emotions too.

Continue scrolling to see how these masters of manipulation enter your mind and materialize your fears before your very eyes. They are the freakiest performances ever!

8. Azeri Brothers- These muscled-out musketeers will have you trying not to look away as they perform three of the most dangerous stunts yet! Opening with the fear of impalement and taking it further, watch if you dare.

7. Mike Super- This magician wanted a second chance to impress the judges. Coming back from an earlier season and changing his character completely, you won’t want to miss the way he stuns Howard with this trick and leaves his audience creeped out!

6. Dan Sperry- Using a fine-tuned blend of comedy and gross theatrics, Sperry feeds off of the angst of Alyson Hannigan from Penn & Teller’s Fool Us, until she’s ready to throw up! I hope you don’t have a weak stomach!

5. Special Head- Watch as this monk battles to maintain concentration through the first buzzer to achieve the most mind-blowing stunt that many masters of focus have been trying to accomplish for centuries!

4. Phan Trinh Dien- It’s not every day a performer can scare the crowd with a dance. Titled Bone Breaking Hip Hop, you won’t want to miss this clip from Vietnam’s Got Talent to see what has the judges hiding behind their chairs.

It’s getting more and more difficult to decide which creep-tastic video will take the no.1 spot! Who will be the freakiest?

Leave us a comment to tell us what you think so far, and continue to the next page to see the top three hair-raising performances that left us spooked and dying for more. 

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