The world is full of amazing talent! So much so that America’s Got Talent is on it’s twelfth season! The show caught so much of the world’s attention, it has inspired branch off shows in other countries, such as Britain’s Got Talent and Mongolia’s Got Talent. There’s so much to see, our heads are spinning!

Some of the greatest acts though, are the ones that scare the living hell out of us! The ones that make us cringe in anticipation or look away out of horror. It’s the talent of the contestant to grab our emotions like putty, and shape and mold it into something that leaves us mystified, begging for more.

We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 freakiest acts in performance history!

What better time to relive those especially strange and terrifying performances than Halloween time? Hold onto your seats ladies and gents; it’s going to be a WILD ride!

10. James More- This 24 year old magician has been practicing the art of deception since he was 8! Entering with a lighthearted dance and a levitating tissue, More goes on to shock the judges with this dark stunt as his finishing act.

9. Peter Boie- This talented magician uses mentalism to get inside your head and scare you out of your mind! He’s performed all over the US except Hawaii and Delaware. Watch to see why you’ll be volunteering to pay him to go away!

These eerie acts are nothing compared to what’s to come! Continue to the next page for more wicked-amazing talent. Only if you’re not easily frightened, though. 

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