He showed a book to the audience. The book has 600 pages and over 200,000 words in it. He held the book in front of the audience and asked Alesha to say stop as flips the books.

And then he hovered the book page in circular motion over the pen and asked Amanda to say stop. When she said stop, he dropped the book to the ball point to encircle the chosen word.

He placed the book down and asked Simon to confirm if they actually encircled a word, to which he confirmed.

It was later revealed the judges’ picks were predicted by his daughter months, even years ago. In a video, he showed a video montage of her daughter’s moments that predicted the outcomes.

She would only draw in red crayon, which David picked. She wouldn’t sleep without her penguin stuffed toy, which is the animal on the card Alesha drew. And then she mixed a Rubik’s cube two months ago and ended with the same exact pattern as Amanda did.

And finally, one of her first words she said was ‘’hat,’’ which is the word encircled on the book.

Sounds far-fetched? Well, perhaps magic is real!