Marc Spelman, a 46-year-old magician from North London, puts on one of the best magic performances ever to be done on TV! He looped in his family story into the act and the most astonishing thing happened.

Despite being incredible at what he does, Marc does not make a full-time living out of magic. But this might very well the break he needs to get more gig.

To begin his act, he asked permission to approach the judges. He gave Amanda a Rubik’s cube and told her to keep mixing until he gets back to her.

Next, he went to David with a box of crayons, shook it and ask him to pick one without looking. He told him to hold on to the crayon but not look at it or show it to anyone. David obliged.

Then she approached Alesha with a deck of cards which belongs to his daughter. They were all different cards and asked her to pick one as well.

He went back to Amanda, took the Rubik’s cube and said, ‘’You have mixed that cube into a completely unique pattern. Fair to say? We’ll get back to that in a moment.’’

Finally, he went to Simon and gave him a pen that belongs to his wife. He asked him to hold it on the table with the ballpoint pointing upwards.

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