In a dangerous stunt, Lord Nil nearly gets eaten by cold-blooded alligators for the entertainment of America’s Got Talent viewers worldwide. During his audition, Simon did not deem his act risky enough so he asked him to up the ante; something with crocodiles, the judge hinted.

Apparently, Lord Nil took Simon’s advice quite too literally and employed alligators into his next act. These reptiles have been around for millions of years and survived some of the biggest extinction events so there’s no way they’d let the escape artist walk if he falls within their grasp.

Lord Nil was put on a straight jacket. When he was tight and secure, they attached both his feet onto a hook that was held by three ropes and then they hung him upside down. As icing on the cake, they lit the ropes on fire so the daredevil was on borrowed time.

They placed him just above the alligator tank with two gators in it. The crowd looked in disgust and fear as Lord Nil struggled to free himself from his predicament.

As the first rope snapped because of the fire, judge Mel B couldn’t handle it anymore and pressed the buzzer. She turned his chair against the act and refused to watch the rest.

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