Ok…this is a really hilarious story. And if you are a cat lover it will be an even bigger story.

But as a pet lover I think all pet owners…whether its  a cat or dog or any other pet…we know how our pets can be curious to a fault. Lol.

I know for my dog, she will get into anything if I leave it out on the floor or something. And I know cats are notorious for being even more mischievous than most pets.

Enter The ‘Dumpster Demon’ cat! Apparently this cat got a hold of a weed cookie from the owner and the result was filled with “deep regret, confusion and despair.”

From Unilad:

user Carmine Deville shared the epic story online, explaining that while her ‘Dumpster Demon’ of a cat came out of the ordeal unharmed, she experienced what could only be described as a ‘violent’ high in the process.

Carmine, from St. Louis, Missouri, had taken the weed-filled cookie out of the freezer to defrost, leaving it on top of the fridge while she went to the bathroom.

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