A couple of years ago, you might have come across a video on YouTube of a young man named Gary Barker. It went viral because his rendition of ‘Uptown Funk’ at a bus stop inspired total strangers to show off their dance movies.

Since then, he had gained a bit of attention and fame in his hometown of Liverpool; he even sings regularly at the local pubs around town. That’s why his fans were so excited when they found out he’d be a contestant on the X-Factor.

When Barker, 30, walked on the stage, he was hoping to wow the judges and make his two kids proud. He told the judges he’d be singing ‘Uptown Funk;’ the same song that had catapulted him into the YouTube spotlight in the first place.

Whether it was his nerves or the intimidating feeling of Simon staring you down, Barker’s performance ended just as soon as it began. The moment he began to sing, he was lacking the same energy he had years ago. The judges told him to stop.

The audition continues as Barker pleas to the judges to have a second chance. He tells them that his nerves had indeed gotten the best of him. Simon looks at him intently.

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