A piano is one of the most incredible instruments to ever exist. The sounds of the ivory keys are some of the most beautiful in the world. Those who master playing the piano are some of the most admirable musicians as well.

Many people might not know that the piano is a string instrument, just like a violin or a cello. It’s the sound of a soft mallet that hits a string inside the piano that creates that magical and soul-warming sound.

A modern piano has 88 keys with a huge range of notes — with only 10 fingers, playing the piano can seem like a very difficult instrument to learn. Not to mention learning how to create melodies that actually sound good together.

The man in the video you’re about to see is one of those people that has obviously mastered the skill of playing the piano. And we truly mean “mastered.” He’s incredible. So incredible, in fact — that it’s almost hard to believe.

This incredible pianist is able to play the piano so quickly, that he is capable of playing 23 notes per second. Yes, you read that right — per second.

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