If you have been following the horrific news of the brush fires in Australia, I’m sure most of you are heartbroken over the devastation of it all.

I just can’t imagine losing everything in such a short period of time. These wildfires have been devastating on an unprecedented level. Our hearts go out to all the families affected by these fires.

But amongst all the doom and gloom of these fires, comes a little bright spot..something to make us feel good. So we just had to share this.

From Unilad:

An heroic border collie rounded up a flock of sheep and herded them away from a blaze working its way towards their farm in Australia.

The adorable working dog, Patsy, and her unnamed owner braved the bushfires on New Year’s Eve as they burned through the rural town of Corryong in Victoria, Australia.

Though the flames were creeping ever closer to Patsy’s owner’s land, man and dog ventured out to ensure the sheep were as safe as could be.

Cath Hill, the sister of the border collie’s owner, shared a picture of the ‘wonder dog’ on social media, where she said Patsy helped round up the flock and direct them to the ‘safest paddock on the farm’ before heading back out to the front line.

Read On to see Patsy being praised for her work! So wonderful.

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