We all have morning routines–whether it’s eating a healthy breakfast, doing push ups, going for a run or taking a nice long shower. But I bet no routine is like this dog’s who can’t even be bothered to properly go down the stairs.

This incredible dog just slides his entire body through every step till he gets to the bottom floor. At the top of stair case, he ducks down as if he’s about to dive into a water and then slides his body through every step.

I’m not entirely sure if this dog is smart, lazy or just trippin’. One thing’s for sure though, he’s hilarious as hell! You have to give him props for realizing that there’s no need to walk down the stairs. Sliding through it will do just fine! It’s fast, easy and efficient!

What he’s doing may seem a little dangerous at first but he’s getting off the stairs unscathed and with minimal effort at that. I’m not sure about you but I think it’s genius.

Read On below to see how this lazy goes down the stairs. I think it’s genius …and incredibly odd.