I have a Shih Tzu dog. She has so much energy and love. She wants to play all the time and she is very attached to me. If I leave to go out of town for a while she will often get depressed.

Can you relate to that level of love and excitement your dog has for you as well?

Well…meet Rolo….an adorable happy sausage dog who is just over joyed that his family is home all the time now with the coronavirus going on. Wagging his tail to show that excitement.

Dogs are experiencing unprecedented levels of attention as people everywhere self-isolate themselves. However, they can do themselves an injury with so much joy. Think about the culture shift the world’s canines are enduring – for the first time in their lives, owners aren’t leaving them to go to work for eight or nine hours a day. Instead, they have seemingly unlimited company – all the walks, all the pats, all the treats.

But in the case of Rolo…he had so much excitement wagging his tail that he injured himself.

Read On below to see Rolo in action!

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