I know what you’re thinking– BS right? Stilettos are the devil and no one can actually walk on them except models! I know it’s hard to believe but wait until you see this bunch of guys!

Junior New System is a crew from the Philippines who took their dancing prowess to the stage of America’s Got Talent. These guys flew across the Pacific Ocean to show the world what they’re made of.

The group knew that this was a golden opportunity and they had to pull all the stops to impress the judges. It is definitely a go big or go home type of situation. That is why they added a little twist into their routine that is sure to get the audience riled up and bring the judges to their feet.

The beginning of their performance was pretty standard; a group of guys who can dance really well. They were well coordinated and did back flips here and there but there really was nothing particularly special about what they were doing.

BUT…in the second half of their dance performance, three guys disappeared from the screen and came back sporting stilettos. And not just your average 4-inch stilettos; they wore 6-inch ones…while dancing!

Mel B was ecstatic to see the three boys in stilettos. ‘’Ohhh I love it. I love it,’’ Mel exclaimed!

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