Even though this super sweet video is a few years old now, it really will just never get old. Luke Bryan is so lucky to have this entire event captured on video to look back on for the rest of their lives.

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We look forward to seeing what Bo ends up doing for his career in the future — perhaps a choreographer?

Judges Not Impressed Until Woman Stuns Them With Second Song!

Singing an opera song is no easy task; the difficulty of the melodies and notes is something only a talented few can accomplish. Singing an opera song mashed with a rock and roll song? Now that’s out of this world.

A woman named Cristina Ramos is a 37-year-old woman auditioning on the TV show Spain’s Got Talent. When she walks out onto the stage, the audience and the judges have no idea she’s about to blow them away.

Her performance starts off without a hitch, she begins singing an opera song — she’s wearing a beautiful black gown and hitting every note perfectly. The judges were watching her, clearly impressed.

All of the sudden, in the middle of the performance, the music seems to start acting up. The entire room seems confused, Cristina even acts as if she’s confused as well — but it turns out, she’s definitely in on it.

Cristina plays along with the music glitch when all of the sudden she rips off the bottom half of her dress, revealing black leather pants. She begins to sing along now to AC/DC’s “Highway to Hell.” The judges are stunned.

The crowd goes wild and the surprised judges can’t believe how different she sounds. It was apparent that this woman was full of talent. And not to mention surprises!

As the performance nears the end, the judges press the coveted golden button which means she gets to go to the next round. It’s a rare accomplishment!

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Grandparents Sing Song From Frozen – Watch Their Grandson!

After 28-years of marriage, people become quite comfortable with one another. There’s no problem being silly, goofy, and fun together. After that long, it’s safe to say a couple would be best friends. Like these grandparents.

This adorable pair is from Fort Myers, Florida and they’ve spent a huge part of their lives with one another. They have kids and grandkids — they absolutely love being grandparents.

The best part about being grandparents is you get to have so much fun with your grandchildren. The responsibilities of being parents don’t apply, and now you’re the fun escape!

The super fun grandparents don’t just know how to let loose, but they are talented too! They prove it to the world in the tooth-achingly sweet video on the next page.

As the couple is hanging out with their grandson, they’re cruising around in the car. As are most kids, their grandson loves the movie Frozen — and the grandparents? Well, they happen to know the words to one of the most famous songs in the movie!

As the grandson sits in his car seat in the back, the grandparents set up a phone or a camera to record a very memorable moment. I think it’s safe to say that this little boy is going to have some awesome memories with his family.

The video is circulating the internet and everyone is falling in love with these two. Grandparents everywhere might want to start recording more moments like this! It never gets old. The best part is when the grandson starts to chime in!

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We hope to see more of this awesome grandparent team.


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Source: Shareably