Many great singers come from colorful backgrounds. Their lives usually a tapestry woven of talent, blessings mixed with hardship, and sheer perseverance. If that’s what it takes to make a star, then Denise is going Super Nova!

As she makes her introduction to the judges, Simon asks if she’s married. Quietly, she responds no. Simon looks puzzled so she painfully explains that she lost her husband shortly after giving birth to their second daughter, and she was never really able to let herself move on.

After singing A-Capella for him, Simon couldn’t believe she hadn’t already been discovered, and was left in awe when she explained that she held off on pursuing her dreams until her girls went to college.

That isn’t a problem for this amazing vocalist anymore! Watch the video to see what has Simon itching to take her to the next level, and please share this video for anyone you want to encourage to live their passion!




Source: InspireMore