In a true love story, Firefly, renamed Bess by her adoptee Dad, was never supposed to survive her injuries.  She was intentionally burnt by cruel, heartless people over 80% of her body.  She is the real poster child of how loving and forgiving a shelter dog can be.

Often shelter dogs are overlooked because people mistakenly think there is something “wrong” with the dogs because they have been abandoned or found as a stray.  But that is not always the case or even if it is, it is not the dog’s fault.

Dogs are loving, forgiving and dependent on people for survival.  It may take time, but with attention and affection, they will come around.

Dogs end up in shelters for so many different reasons:  family hardship, unintended dog pregnancy and a host of others.  But that does not mean that the pup can’t be a great companion.

Meet Firefly who has so severely abused, her rescuers never thought she would survive.  Her burns were deep and extremely painful.  But survive she did! And she is the sweetest, happiest dog ever!

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