Unimpressed judges stopped a young singer mid-performance and asked him to sing a different song. And boy, was that a good call! Hunter Price came to America’s Got Talent pretty […]

What’s harder than singing on national TV? Singing a Whitney Houston song on national TV! Whitney is an icon for a reason; her voice is unlike no other. It’s beautiful, […]

Transcend, an acrobatic duo who also happens to be married to each other, takes the stage of AGT to show off their strength, skills and flexibility in a trapeze performance. […]

Christina Wells walks into the stage of America’s Got Talent with a winning attitude and a big smile on her face. After two decades, she is finally going to give […]

Zurcaroh, a self-proclaimed non-professional aerial dance group, hails from Austria and traveled across the Atlantic to show off their skills on the big stage of America’s Got Talent. According to […]

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