Of all the judges, she ultimate picked Mel to do the trick with. She lifted a veil on the table to reveal a box and a camera. She opened the box and laid out images of people who died in a fire on the table and a newspaper article detailing how it happened.

‘’Who caused the fire?’’ Sacred Riana asked Mel as she finally uttered her first words since she got on the show. Mel picked a guy named Bob.

Spooked, Simon buzzed out out of nowhere and the loud noise startled everyone at the theater. After all, it’s been eerily quiet since the her act start.

Sacred Riana took a photo of Mel and placed it on her hands. She then unfolded the newspaper article to reveal that Bob indeed caused the fire! She pointed at the photo on Mel’s hands and when the judge looked at it, it was a photo of her with Bob behind her!

Truly a terrifying but well thought out act!