A mixture of horror and awe filled the theater of America’s Got Talent as Sacred Riana did her set. The frightening magician hails from Indonesia and her act was straight out of an Asian horror flick.

Sacred Riana has long silky black hair and wears a school uniform. She also carries an aged doll but mostly holds it loosely by one arm. She doesn’t talk and tends to twitch her head uncontrollably towards her left side.

When Mel B asked her what her name was, there was no response. Throughout the interview process, she did not utter a single words\ and just did creepy head jerks.

‘’Well, let’s try again. Welcome to American’s Got Talent anyway,’’ Mel B said after her first question was ignore.

Suddenly, the terrifying magician lets go of her doll that she’d been holding and approached the judges. All four of them were visibly terrified of her and the creepy vibes she exuded.

She stared at the judges as she walked past them. Simon formed a cross with his two index fingers in hopes that she will steer clear of him.

She made a turn behind Howie and was walking behind the judges who were downright terrified of her. Heidi also formed a cross with her fingers as Simon hid behind her.

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