There’s no one quite like The Future Kingz, a dance crew hailing from Chicago, that can deliver such swag. They delivered during this performance on America’s Got Talent.

The Future Kingz is a dance group with young members who are highly coachable talents. They have the makings of a future stars, which makes the name of their group just absolutely perfect.

‘’How would you say you’ve stepped it up from the last time that we saw you?” Mel asked.

The group responded, ‘’Your critiques embedded in our minds and we’ve been working really really hard. Everywhere that we could possibly be, in the most random places at times, we would just bust out to practice–in stores, whatever we had to do!’’

The crew were started by the older members who met in high school. Their love for music brought them together so they started a teaching dance to youngins. They eventually let some of the kids join in on their group to compete in America’s Got Talent.

The crew started their performance by dancing to the tune of Bruno Mar’s Finesse. They transitioned from song to song, some of which the judges absolutely loved especially Mel and Heidi.

Although raw and still a little bit rough around the judges, the group is very entertaining to watch so the audience and the judges were entertained through and through.

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