When you think of your grandparents, you think of a low key, elderly couple who has a habit or two. Perhaps they love to knit or read books or tend the garden.

But very few people would probably think of their grandparents as the type who would break moves to a hip hop music. They live the peak of their lives during a different time and hip hop is so not their scene.

That is why Filiberto, 70, and Celina, 68, are so special. They are only old by age and physique but their heart is as young as a teenager. They broke the stage of America’s Got Talent by their sweetness and commitment to each other, and their guts to dance to hip hop.

Filibert and Celina sought the aid of their daughter to translate.  She could not be more proud of her parents for making their dream come true. Apparently, it had been a dream for this couple to perform on AGT stage.

Before they performed, Filiberto shed tears of joy and shared a kiss which truly moved the judges and kinda threw them off of what the elderly couple were about to do next.

‘’Awwwww’’ echoed the stage as the audience swooned over them.

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