Cover bands are the best! Everyone has a song that they love so much, they want to hear as many versions of it as possible, as long as it’s performed flawlessly, of course! One thing you never see though, is a cover band trying to nail an international hit using kid’s toys.

What makes a cover band truly amazing, is when they can introduce a new spin to a beloved jam without ruining it entirely. It takes more talent than you’d think, and this cover band has insane amounts of it!

Walk Off The Earth is a four piece ensemble that hails from Burlington, Ontario in Canada. Formed in 2006, they first received widespread recognition in 2012 when their cover of  Gotye’s Somebody That I Used To Know, went viral with over 175 million hits in just 4 months. It gets even better though!

The band found their niche in cover songs.  Many of their videos have exploded on YouTube, going viral with over several million views each, at least.  What makes them so unique, and popular, is the instruments they use to recreate their covered classics.

Using nothing more than some silverware, seashells, and children’s toys, this crazy quartet recreates a studio quality cover of Ed Sheeran’s Shape of You. You won’t believe what you’re seeing! Continue to the next page and be amazed!

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