‘’Wowwww!!!’’ Howie exclaimed. As the judges were about to vote, Tyra Banks was quick cut them off.

‘’Hold up, hold up, hold up. I am collecting my breath and I just need some oxygen right now. I am freaking out right now. This is so crazy that you know what I had to to do!!!!’’

And with those words, she ran towards the Golden Buzzer and slammed it for the group! There was a mixture of celebration, laughter and tears of disbelief among the members. They couldn’t believe of the approval they got and the fact that they are going straight to the finale.

Tyra hugged the troupe as the crowd applauded thunderously in solidarity with the model’s Golden Buzzer decision.

Considering that most of us can’t even stand on a chair without feeling like we are going to fall, this group really deserves to make it to the end!