Fair warning: this is one of those performances that is going to require a tissue when you watch. Prepare to have your heart explode. There’s a possibility you could completely lose it — we sure did.

You know the type of performance we’re talking about. The kind where you’re so in awe of another human being’s talent and potential, that the only thing you can do is cry or let out some sort of emotion.

When someone performs something so well, and someone is so talented that they can move you to tears — I think it’s safe to say that they were meant to be on the stage. It would be a crime not to share that talent.

A 16-year-old named Christian Guardino took the stage of the talent show America’s Got Talent and was about to blow the judges away with his performance. All of this despite the fact that the teen claimed to be very nervous.

Prior to Christian walking on stage, his mom revealed that when he was only 6-months-old, she was told her son would go completely blind. At 12, his mom says “experimental gene therapy” helped him regain his sight.

After the intro — Christian began to sing, and you’re not going to want to miss this. Simon Cowell was speechless.

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