If you’re a fan of America’s Got Talent then you’re probably familiar with the name Brian Justin Crum. He’s a 28-year-old singer that had a performance that moved Howie Mandel to tears.

It was mesmerizing. During his initial audition, he performed Queen’s “Somebody to Love” — it was at that moment that the entire room, and everyone watching on TV, fell in love with Brian’s incredible voice. No one could stay in their seats. Before performing, Brian touched everyone’s hearts by telling everyone a little bit about his past. He had been bullied because he was overweight and gay.

“I just begged (my mother) to let me live with my aunt and uncle in Oregon to have a fresh start and she let me go,” the singer explains in an interview. After he was done taking everyone’s breath away, he received the nod from all four judges to move to the next round. Every performance from then on was just incredible.

But it was one performance of a popular Radiohead song that moved Howie to tears. When you watch it — you’ll see why.

Once again, Brian walked on stage and based on his past performances — he was going to nail it out of the park. The truth was? That was the understatement of a lifetime. It was going to move one judge to tears.

Brian performed his own version of Radiohead’s**** song “Creep” in his own original way; the judges were left with their jaws dropped. It was so incredibly emotional.

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